Our Story

Why We Started

Born from a quest to find the best burger in Hong Kong, Burger Joys was established in the summer of 2015. As a “LA smash style” burger joint, we serve up mouth-watering burgers, wings, milkshakes, craft beer, wine and more in the heart of Asia’s World City.

Our Mission

We were obsessed with the quality tasted in Los Angeles and wanted to bring the same experience in Hong Kong, a city that is just as vibrant and demanding.

We’ve chosen items that are some of our classic favorites: burgers, beers, milkshakes, fries, chicken wings and more! We hope that when you stop by, you can kick back, and enjoy an awesome meal with your friends and colleagues as we do our small part in bringing joy to our customers.

Mushroom Cheese Burger
Our secret bun

What Makes Our Burgers Special

Burger Joys uses a Classic Brioche bun recipe that we then improved for our burgers. Brioche is an enriched bread using butter and egg created in France in the 13th century, originally for the Church but later used by royalty. It is the best bun for a great burger; it is rich and fluffy, allowing for maximum flavour, and has a sponginess to support the juicy meat, succulent vegetables and our secret sauce. This unique brioche bun was created by Pastry Chef Michael Gillet especially for Burger Joys.

“I'm always working towards perfection and a great application like the Burger Joys’ bun. I had a recipe that I had been working on for a very long time and I never got the chance to implement to anything specific. When the Burger Joys team approached me, it was the perfect occasion to go back and work on that recipe again, making it unique for Burger Joys. Having a bun that stood out from others made a big difference in the end product. ”

Michael Gillet