The Burger

When it comes to making the best burgers in Hong Kong, we mean business. We source only the highest quality ingredients to bring you the greatest LA smash style flavors. Here’s what arrives at your table when we serve you a Burger Joys burger.

Brioche Bun

Light and slightly puffy, “brioche” is a type of rich pastry from France that’s enriched with eggs and butter to create a tender crumb. Although we use standard brioche ingredients, the ingredient ratio, cooking temperature and pastry mold are all unique and precisely controlled in our top-secret bakery in Kwun Tong.

That’s why no matter how much you squeeze or press down on our burgers, they’ll poof back up to its original size. Try it yourself!

Mouth-watering Burger Meat

The beef in our patties is truly elite, using 1855 Black Angus Beef’s exclusive U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Upper 2/3 Choice beef. Qualified only with the best quality in meat and marbling, you can expect unmatched tenderness and taste with top-notch consistency thanks to strict specifications within 1855’s facilities and USDA’s science-based gradings. Only one in eight cattle qualifies and becomes USDA Certified as the 1855 brand.

To retain the incredible flavor of this beautifully marbled and tender meat, we keep it chilled, non-frozen and let our freshly-ground patties rest for four hours before grilling. The gourmet burger recipe (the one we literally paid a million dollars for) and the red wine butter we use are designed to bring the best out of this top-tier beef, giving you a deliciously juicy burger with flavors that melt in your mouth with every bite.

Our answer to the long-standing debate on chicken breast vs. chicken thigh is to use the latter in our chicken burgers. Not only do the thighs have a naturally intense, rich and flavorful edge because of their dark meat, they also don’t differ all that much to chicken breasts nutritionally.

We pre-marinate our chicken with salt and pepper, then proceed to deep fry the meat before putting it on the grill – allowing the meat to stay juicy and moist inside while still having that scrumptious char-grilled taste on the outside.

Who says burgers are only for meat-lovers? We certainly don’t! Our vegetarian burger patty contains a mix of four different mushrooms (white, Portobello, shiitake and oyster) blended with tater tots for a heartier and satisfying meal.

We make no compromises in taste either. The ingredients in our mushroom patties were meticulously chosen to create flavors as rich and intense as the rest of the burgers in our lineup, and they’re cooked with the same red wine butter used on our prized Certified Angus Beef patties.

Fish burgers can be made with any firm, dense fish but at Burger Joys, we've chosen to use chunky cod fillets to go with our delicious tartar sauce. As a high-protein, low-fat white fish with large flakes and a tender-firm texture, cod makes for a great lean alternative on our menu.

For our burgers, we dip the thick fillets in tempura batter then gently deep fry it until golden brown. This batter creates a breading that locks the moisture and delicate flavors of the cod into the meat, keeping it succulent while giving you that enjoyable crispy bite. Mmmm… who knew fish could be so good?

American Cheese

Contrary to popular belief, American cheese is not actually cheese as most of us know it. It’s a mix of different cheeses (including cheddar and Colby cheese), various dairy ingredients, and seasonings. That’s what makes it melt so nicely – forming a deliciously smooth, creamy and gooey layer on top of our already mouth-watering burger patties.

After all, you can’t make an American burger without American cheese!

Fresh Vegetables

All our greens are delivered fresh to our door every morning from a trusted local purveyor who handpicks the best veggies for us from all over the world. Our chefs carefully inspect each one before cutting it up and putting it into our burgers, ready to be served!

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