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We are so grateful to all the fans who have supported us since our opening in 2015. To show our appreciation, we’ve designed a unique label infused with our passion for creative, urban taste.

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Burger Joys Label
Burger Joys Label

Burger Joys Label

Burger Joys Label
Burger Joys Label
Burger Joys Label

Behind the Brand

Inspired by the energy and passion behind the brand, Zera Ng, the designer behind the line, decided to kickstart the first line of BurgerJoys’ t-shirts with hopes of spreading love and happiness to all. For her, this line is about the small joys in life; simple and subtle but essential. Despite life’s hurdles, you can find comfort in good food, great company and your favourite t-shirt.

It isn’t about the t-shirt; it’s the individual identity our fans have given to the brand – the way it represents a part of their memories, a snippet of fond moments, moments of Joy. Through this, we hope to continue inspiring you and others with our Burger Joys spirit and values.

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About the Designer

Zera Ng is a self-taught fashion designer with an eye for illuminative styles that don’t sacrifice comfort. In 2016, she won the A’Design Award in Italy, was invited to showcase her collection at New York Fashion Week and was featured in various print publications.

“Overall, my good and bad experiences in life have led me to be the hard-working person that I am today. Follow your instinct, believe in yourself, and ignore negative influences. Be joyful, because life is short!”

- Zera Ng

Fashion Designer - Zera Ng